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Featured Products
EVO The Metro PCS EVO 4G smartphone delivers lightning speed inter...
Price: $89.00
Droid The Metro PCS Droid Bionic cell phone is an 4G LTE-capable sma...
Price: $160.00
Galaxy Indulge
Galaxy Indulge The Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy Indulge phone is one of the most ...
Price: $100.00
Iphone The unlocked Iphone, created by Apple, is not just an average ...
Price: $215.00
IPhone 3gS
IPhone 3gS Metro PCS unlocked iPhone 3G. Iphone 3G from Apple Computer is...
Price: $315.00
Omnia 2
Omnia 2 Metro PCS service is a great carrier, and the Samsung Omnia 2 ...
Price: $349.00
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pay system is dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and popular mobile handsets of today. Some of the phones featured on this website may already be offered by Metro PCS Phones, or can be found by other major carriers. In addition to sharing the most up-to-date information on leading brands carried by MetroPCS -- including Samsung, LG, HTC, Kyocera and Huawei -- part of our mission is to provide you background information on other in-demand high end phones.

Shopping for a cell phone these days can be a daunting research task. Will you go a mobile phone store or do your research and shop online? Will you ask my friends and family for their advice? This inevitably leads to questions about plans and services. Is there really a benefit to joining a Friends & Family plan? How much talk, text ("sms") , multimedia messaging ("mms"), and web "data" (internet and email) do you need, and do you really need Unlimited? Is Unlimited really truly "unlimited", or is there fine print you need to read about in your rate plan? Which phones go with which rate plan?

Top mobile carriers like Metro PCS, which has over 8 million subscribers has you covered, with nationwide service and a full menu of mobile phones, smart phones, accessories, ringtones, plans and services. MetroPCS Phones are supported by cell phone plans that range from "by the week" to "by the minute", depending on the level of flexibility your life demands. With new developments such as Metro PCS phones' 4G capabilities, there is no doubt that mobile phone use by consumers is rapidly growing and so is the consumer's need to understand all the bells and whistles behind products and services offered by retailers.