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Product information

Motorola Droid


The Metro PCS Droid Bionic cell phone is an 4G LTE-capable smartphone device released in 2011. The Droid Bionic has wireless internet and an 8 megapixel front-facing camera capable of video capture and video chat. The device comes with Adobe Flash and HTML 5 support; fly through the web using a keyboard or trackpad as well as multi-window support.

Droid Bionic Metro PCS service includes GPS navigation support and other basic services like messaging and email. Connect your Metro PCS Droid over-the-air with bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or using connectors such as headphones, microUSB, USB or HDMI.

This Metro PCS Droid by Motorola allows you to take the HDMI connection and plug into any HD television, so video games and high-def videos are at your fingertips. The Metro PCS Droid lets you access or stream your computer's hard drive files with a downloadable app.

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