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Product information

IPhone 3gS


Metro PCS unlocked iPhone 3G. Iphone 3G from Apple Computer is the second generation iPhone. The 3G was the first iPhone to support 3G networks moving up from the dramatically slower EDGE network commonly referred to as a 2G network.

Unlocked Refurbished device An independently tested and reconditioned pre-owned phone. Good as new and good for the environment.

The phone allows for the user to sync with iTunes, Apple's desktop media solution, with the added functionality of importing pictures, music, videos, podcasts, and other purchases from the iTunes store. Unique to the iPhone are hundreds of thousands of Applications (called apps for short) which do a wide array of functions such as count calories, review restaurants, find movie showtimes, or play casual games with either touch input or using the built in accelerometer. The device is currently only available on AT&T??s GSM network in the United States, however is available on a wide range of carriers worldwide. It is possible to use the phone on Metro PCS network in the US. Metro PCS is a prepaid phone service, so when you use the Iphone 3G with the Metro PCS network, you will not be on contract.

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